Discover How Larry Has Made Over $395 Million in Lifetime Profits With These 12 Power Trading Laws

Presented by Larry Benedict 
Market Wizard trader with an unmatched 20-year consecutive winning streak and legendary manager of a $900-million hedge fund.

In this special trading masterclass, Larry will share with you the secrets he's relied on for the past three decades to become one of the most respected and consistently profitable traders on and off Wall Street. 

More importantly, you’ll see how to use his proven power trading laws to become a more consistently profitable trader starting tomorrow!

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The Most Powerful Trading Secrets in the Industry Finally Revealed…

All 12 Power Trading Laws that have led to a $395-million personal fortune explained in detail. (I guarantee you’ll never see this from the “fakes and flakes” and “closet trading experts” who have never seen the inside of a Wall Street trading pit in their entire lives.) 

How new and experienced traders can apply these laws to make more winning trades more often. (Best part: You can start using them as soon as tomorrow if you’d like.)

What Larry learned after getting his trading account wiped out during the “Black Monday” stock market crash in 1987. (Heed his advice here and you could become a wildly successful trader too!)

Why focusing on technique before you’re ready can spell disaster… and… what to focus on instead to put the odds of success squarely on your shoulders! (Doing this has saved Larry countless times and prevented account-crippling mistakes!)

Larry's most memorable trade and the crucial psychological secrets it teaches anyone who wants to make more money in this industry. (He's had many days where he made tens of millions of dollars... but… what he learned after placing this trade has served him his entire career. The lesson here can do the same for you.)

Exactly what to do when a small string of trades starts going your way! (Over the course of his career doing this has always generated positive alpha.)

Exactly what to do when you hit the trading slumps. (At first, this will seem illogical… but… if you follow this simple strategy, you’ll start putting profits back on the charts in no time… without suffering devastating losses like most traders.) 

And much, much more!


At the end of the training, you’ll get access to a special ebook with all of Larry's 12 Power Trading Laws spelled out with examples. This is a great trading desk reference to have in front of you to keep yourself on track.

Meet Your Host: 
Larry Benedict

Larry Benedict is a legend who started his storied career in the Wall Street trading pits back in the early 1980’s. Over the past 30 years, Larry has garnered a stellar reputation as one of the best pure raw traders in history. The “12 Power Trading Laws” he developed have served him well as a trader, market maker, and manager of a $900-million macro hedge fund. They’ve helped him enjoy a 20-year consecutive winning streak that is second to none. Larry has been featured in the book “Market Wizards, Hedge Fund: How Winning Traders Win” by Jack D. Schwager. Now, after three decades at the top of the financial world, Larry is sharing his lifetime of trading secrets with new, up-and-coming, and experienced traders.

The Wall Street trading legend known as The “$395-Million” Trader

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… and just about every major financial media outlet seeks out his market expertise.

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My experience with this team at The Opportunistic Trader has been a tremendous help in reaching a level of confidence. I highly suggest anyone in search of learning to trade take advantage of this service.


I have known Larry for over 30 years. He knows the markets better than anyone I have ever worked with. In just a few weeks watching and listening to him on the site made me a better trader.


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When was the last time a Top 1% Wall Street trader and hedge fund manager revealed his secrets to making hundreds of millions of dollars actively trading the markets to you? Probably never! Well, this might be your one and only chance to get your hands on this information. Don’t waste this opportunity.

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